Atlantes Group is an international organization specializing in tactical training for private parties, corporations and government branches. Atlantes Group provides combat and reconnaissance training by top-level IDF military instructors for teams and individuals, as well as high end training for large IT and industrial corporations in the fields of safety, security and emergency.
Atlantes Group was founded by former IDF Special Forces who became international businessmen (SGK4), believing that business is as much a hostile and chaotic environment as wartime, and the same acute and precise actions are required to achieve victory.

War is the oldest form of competition between human organizations; business is a relative newcomer. Humans have been fighting wars for millennia and war has driven the evolution of techniques for organizing, supplying, leading, and motivating large numbers of people. In many organizational respects, business and war are very similar. They are both trying to achieve goals in a fast moving, dynamic, and sometimes hostile environment with scarce resources through the agency of people, and there are some key military lessons that business would do well to heed.

The battlefield provides an environment which requires cold-bloodedness, quick thinking and a clear mind. These traits are crucial for any businessman who wants to control his surroundings and achieve his objective. That businessman will have to deal with his competition as his enemy, and his clients’ objections as the hostile environment, or vice versa, and this requires preparation.

Spending time under fire is known to create human bonds unlike any other, and friendships forged within military frameworks tend to last long periods of time. Many brothers in arms went on to establish successful businesses and ventures after leaving the army, having figured that if they could survive war, they might just be unstoppable. Wartime tempers relationships and character, both of which are required for success in commerce.