Our professional courses are delivered by top security experts from Caliber 3, the Israeli Prime Minister’s counter-terror academy, which offers top security solutions, high threat protection, intelligence operations and tactical training to military, law enforcement, government agencies and commercial clients around the globe. Caliber 3 was established with the objective of bringing the best know-how and professional training practices to the world, and offers top level security & training solutions and other security services to the public and private sector. The team at Caliber 3 is comprised of active top personnel from the IDF, including Special Operations, Counter Terrorism Units, Intelligence Officers, and Law Enforcement Agents. The latest security and safety techniques taught by Atlantes Group evolve everyday as the world recognizes new types of security threats. Atlantes Group provides services for corporations and private clients with the goal of developing their techniques, skills and personal growth by training with the Israel’s finest.

The methods taught by Caliber 3 International are approved and certified by:

  • The Israeli Defence Forces
  • The Israeli Prime Minister's Office
  • The Israeli Ministry of Defence
  • The Israeli Police
  • The Israeli Ministry of Homeland Security
  • The Israeli Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Thank you

To “Caliber 3” counter terror and security academy

Thank you for your contribution, combat training throughout the years with professionalism and excellence, humility and humbleness, strengthening the defense and security for the Gush Etzion population.

With great esteem, the security managers of Gush Etzion (given to col. Sharon Gat for training the emergency response teams in Gush Etzion)

To col. Sharon Gat – CEO of Caliber 3 counter terror and security training
Subject: Appreciation letter
Lately we have been witnessing violent events ion the Jerusalem light train in general and specifically the event that took place on Wednesday the 30.1.2014. in this event the light train security guards detected a suspicious individual.
The suspect refused to identify himself nor cooperate and assaulted one of the security guards. The security guard’s response in this event and other similar events is worthy of appreciation from all the relevant factors. Also, I find notable to thank those in charge of the security guards training in firearms and Krav Maga. I will point out that I see a great value in the security guards training and I thank all those involved.
On a personal note, I would like to thank “Caliber 3” for their involvement in the light train security formation.
With regards, Jerusalem city hall head of security.

Certificate of Appreciation
Is hereby given to battalion9203 (led by Col. Sharon Gat) of the northern command, Selected as an elite reserve unit for its accomplishments and contribution to strengthening the security of Israel. (Given to col. Sharon gat by Shimon Peres – Israel’s late president)

“Protective Edge”
Campaign emblem
Is hereby bestowed to the troops and commanders of battalion 9203(led by Col. Sharon Gat)
For their resolve, spirit and persistence of which demonstrated during the “Protective Edge” campaign. IDF’s soldiers and commanders, who act out of national responsibility and righteousness are the “Protective Edge” of the IDF and the state of Israel.
(General Benjamin Gantz, IDF chief of staff)

This certificate of appreciation is hereby given to Caliber 3
For excellence in combat persistence, initiative and professionalism on the “Godel Hashaa” events and contribution to the defense of Gush Etzion, it’s residence and values.
Given by IDF brigadier general Roman Gupman.
Well done.

Certificate of appreciation to Caliber 3 “Modi’in Ezrahi” security company and the Jerusalem light train security branch are thankful for the organization of security guard tactical training.
It is noticeable that much thought was invested in the planning with care and attention to this training’s success.
We ask to thank all those who participated and contributed to this training.
Hoping for a continuation of a fruitful cooperation.
Well done.

Certificate of Appreciation
Is hereby bestowed to Caliber 3 for a non-compromising, professional, serious and significant training for the infantry officers branch at the IDF tactical training center.

to Sharon gat and the team from Caliber 3
With appreciation for your contribution in the reserve officers course.
For your commitment and effort as much as your professional level that elevated the skill of the regiment’s squad commanders in Krav Maga and weapon handling.

Certificate of appreciation to Caliber 3
“When you train hard, Fighting is easy”
This certificate is hereby bestowed to Caliber 3 counter terrorism academy as a token of gratitude for planning and executing the tactical training for the Jerusalem light train security formation.
Given by Jerusalem city hall’s head of security.

Certificate of appreciation to Caliber 3
In gratitude to the success of “Operational Edge” seminar of Gush Etzion 900 brigade
Given by col. Omer Cohen, “Nahshon” regiment commander.

To the Caliber 3 team
With esteem and appreciation to the high-quality training for the company’s combatants during operational activity in the Etzion sector.
Given by the anti-tank company of the Alexandroni brigade

To Sharon, Eitan, Alex and the Caliber 3 team
We thank you for the investment, professionalism and warm sentiment.
Undoubtedly, we are hoping to continue the connection with this wonderful place, and especially with this amazing team.
Given by the IDF’s civilian protection academy.

To Caliber 3’s professionals
A combination of:
  • A resolve to teach and host
  • High quality facility
  • Instructors that are true professionals
With great regards, the “kfir” brigade’s commando course