To be the best - train with the best.

FITT is an unprecedented networking environment which offers you a chance to undergo real-life Special Forces training course in the field of combat and reconnaissance under the instruction of high-level IDF officers and former operators.


The battlefield, as well as any business environment, requires composure, quick thinking and a clear mind. FITT provides access to a unique program where you can develop your warrior mentality by learning and implementing tactical techniques and utilizing various types of firearms, Krav Maga, vehicles and aircraft, while performing complex training exercises and operations in conditions as close to reality as possible.

The course takes place at Caliber 3 International, an extraordinarily well-regarded institution run by active military members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), situated in Gush Etzion, a cluster of settlements located in the Judean Mountains, south of Jerusalem and Bethlehem in the West Bank. Caliber 3 training team is comprised of top personnel from the IDF, including Special Operations, Counter Terrorism Units, Intelligence Officers, and Law Enforcement Agents. As a Global Security & Training Solutions company, Caliber 3 International offers bespoke training and security services for private and government agencies all over the world.

Our target audiences are men and women of good health, with or without military training, who are willing to test their limits and perfect their warrior mentality, and for individuals looking to broaden their horizons and meet new people from the global business sphere.

Our goal is to create a global business community unified by an uncompromising warrior mentality. Atlantes Group invites you to become a part of our community, which already consists of dozens of international entrepreneurs and businessmen who realize the importance of being physically, mentally and intellectually prepared for battle.

*The course is available in English and Russian.
*Registration requires a security background check for every participant.

  • 1 Weapons training
  • 2 Krav maga training
  • 3 Navigation and survival
  • 4 Driving hazards
  • 5 Counter terror team tactics
  • 6 Combat rappelling
  • 1 Terrorist hunt challenge
  • 2 Hostage rescue challenge
  • 3 Compound raid and defense challenge
use of firearms
  • Assault rifle and hand guns techniques
  • Israeli counter terrorism firing system (point and shoot)
  • Standard firing stances
  • Fast engagement protocols
  • Advanced firing stances
  • Wide variety of firearms
  • Principles of long range marksmanship
  • Basic and advance shooting with weapons including under pressure
  • Weapon handling– malfunctions and misfire drills
  • Switching between close range targets
  • Cover based combat
  • Krav Maga basics
  • Weapon disarm
  • Use of firearms in Krav Maga
  • Body search principles
  • Use of hand-cuffs and performing physical restraint
  • Krav Maga in a vehicular environment
  • Team based Krav Maga exercise
  • Body & weapon combination
  • Team Defense Against an Assailant
How to survive in hostile rural/urbane environment (training willtake place in various places including Arab villages) – how to smartly deceive the local population during your escape, how to deceive hostile dogs, lock picking techniques for cars/doors/windows, finding a proper shelter, how to find food, how to find water (including purifications techniques), extricating techniques during fire incidents, including a drill with pyrotechnic means and smoke to simulate a real live situation, urban navigation drills in unfamiliar terrain, including a summarized drill where you will need to escape and survive in a hostile rural/urbane environment.
handing driving risks
  • Mental preparation and understanding of the current situation
  • Dealing and prevention of hostile terrorist activity incidents
  • Sequence of actions and practical advice
  • Learn how to face:
    • Suicide Bombings
    • Rock Throwing
    • Molotov Cocktail
    • Shootings
    • Knife Attacks
breaching team tactics
  • Any field operator needs good teamwork skills to fight in any type of environment.
  • Cover-based shooting
  • Combat priorities
  • Communication during combat
  • Limited penetration tactics
  • Fast breaching combat
  • Doorway tactics
Combat rappelling
  • Rappelling Techniques and Urban Climbing
  • Rappel Tower Operations and Safety Protocol
  • Rope System Rigging theory and techniques
  • Incident command and risk management
  • Rope and webbing knots
  • Low and High Angle Rope Operations
  • Single & Two rope rescue techniques
  • Self-rescue & Ascending techniques
  • Practical individual/team exercises
LOck picking basics
  • Basic Raking and Tensioning
  • Using Your Other Picks
  • Single Pin Picking
  • Increasing Lock Complexity
  • Motorized navigation
  • Following leads
  • Tracking
  • Gathering intelligence
  • Team cooperation
MISSION 02 hostage rescue
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Field questioning
  • Negotiation
  • Combat preparations
  • Team cooperation
  • Sniper positioning and use
MISSION 03 compound raid and defense
  • Detailed plan creation
  • Airborne transit
  • Nocturnal tactics
  • Use of stealth abilities
  • Team cooperation

closing ceremony

  • Training summary/debriefing
  • Certification distribution
  • High-quality banquet



  • 10% advance payment upon application
  • 90% upon receipt of an invitation from ATLANTES GROUP

  • Training facilities: shooting ranges, tactical CQB facility classrooms.
  • All required training aids for the duration of the course including arms and ammunition
  • Full board includes accommodation and 3 meals a day
  • Graduation certificates

  • Full transfer to Israel - business-class cars with professional drivers
  • Armed security - professional armed escort throughout the course
  • Accommodation - Comfortable academy campus with Wi-Fi and all amenities
  • Meals - three daily meals + drinks and snacks with vegan and vegetarian options
  • Equipment - branded equipment – Uniform, tactical gear, tactical shoes, tees, wristwatch, sunglasses
  • Day off at the Dead Sea - a Saturday trip to the Dead Sea
  • Excursion to Jerusalem - a Friday night walk in the old city
  • Professional photo and video shooting throughout the course

* The price does not include the flight to Israel